Welcome to the Stafford ES Library

Mission Statement

The mission of the Stafford Library is to promote life-long reading and learning for pleasure and for information.  The library will provide quality resources for students and staff and create a safe and nurturing environment.


Five Finger Rule

Choose a book and read the first page or two.

Put one finger up for every word you do not know.

If five fingers go up while reading, choose another book.

If only two or three of your fingers go up, you have found a "just right" book.

Checkout Policy

Kindergarten and First Grade students may check out one library book at a time.

Second - Fifth Grade students are allowed to checkout two books at a time.

Only Second - Fifth Grade students are allowed to take books home, as permitted by their classroom teacher.

Students may keep books up to two weeks.  Books can be placed in the Book Return Box, once students are done reading them.  They can also checkout new books at that time, if time permits.

If a student has an overdue book, they will not be able to checkout another book.

There are no fines for overdue books.

Lost or damaged books will be paid for in the school office.


Read a Book!